Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Target Meat Sale!

Numerous blogs have been posting about the $2 off one package of Sutton & Dodge meat coupon, so I slipped off on my lunch break to check it out. WOW! The chuck steak and roasts were on sale for $1.99/lb, so I picked up 4 packages as close to $2.00 each as I could find. The checkout lady said she couldn't allow me to use all 4 store coupons in the same transaction, but kindly suggested that we do 4 transactions. I readily agreed, but that meant I lost my $.03 overage from one of the packages (I can deal with that).

Here's what I got:
***$1.97-2.00 Q = FREE!
***$2.13-2.00 Q = $.13
***$2.35-2.00 Q = $.36(got $.01 tax here)
***$2.43-2.00 Q = $.45(got $.02 tax here)
TOTAL SPENT = $.94!!!!!

Go here to print out your own coupons. They expire on 3/28/09 and the sale will end on 3/14/09, but maybe there will be a future sale or managers mark-downs to get more great deals!

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